MetalMiner is neither a buyer nor seller of metals.  MetalMiner is the premier commodity research firm focused on developing sourcing strategies for North American manufacturers and buyers of industrial metals. The rationale for developing the MetalMiner℠ Benchmark application is simple. The increased price transparency it provides better informs our analysis and helps our clients source materials more effectively.



MetalMiner℠ Benchmark (MMB) is the world's first and only resource to systematically compare the prices paid by hundreds of metal buyers in an effort to provide accurate price benchmarking for the North American industrial metals market. Traditionally, our clients have used what we call “three quotes and a puff of smoke” to estimate current market prices for the materials they buy. This time- consuming process, which requires multiple Requests for Quotations (RFQs) industry expertise and intuition, is unfortunately statistically inaccurate over any given period of time. Even so, it is often remains the primary source of price data for everything from risk management to contract negotiations. We created MMB, an anonymous and legal way to discover what other buyers are actually paying for metals, to inform our research and and in doing so help our clients source materials more effectively. And while our research and analysis may never be able to isolate every variable impacting price going forward, it’s hard to argue with the current and historical record of actual prices paid being archived in the growing MMB Database!



MMB offers two ways to view how your prices compare to prices paid by hundreds of other metal buyers. The Basic Analysis Results screen or "Market Dial" offers simple but insightful analysis to all registered users, enabling them to visualize how the individual prices they paid (or were quoted) would compare to the same materials purchased by hundreds of other buyers (purchasing similar quantities of materials in the same sizes and specifications).


Top Materials (BENCHMARKS)
Normal dial Dial in the red Dial in the yellow Dial in the green


The online application allows all users to enter basic transactional details and receive instant analysis of an individual price paid. The Market Dial displays a visual (red, yellow, or green) indication of competitiveness, as well as some basic stats (high, low, and median price paid for that material over a normalized date range). This will yield a fairly accurate “thumb in the wind” assessment of the market prices for the item you are buying.


'Buyer vs. Others' illustrates all user-entered benchmarks (un-normalized) in comparison to the average market price over time.


'Identify Alternative Sources' is a powerful feature that allows the User to identify all known or reported suppliers of the metal they have entered, providing an interactive map, filters and contact information.




Metal Benchmarking Reports (MBRs)

Firms that choose to submit their metal transactional purchasing data as opposed to entering single price points will receive a clear and concise Metal Benchmarking Report. This concise, high-level management report summarizes all of the findings and provides a “bird’s eye” view of how a company’s raw material purchases compare to similar purchases made by other metals buyers. MBRs provide organizations with stunning, easy-to-interpret graphical depictions of the results as well as all of the underlying data that contributed to it.


Custom Reporting

Custom reports can be produced by filtering search results (by Industry, Buyer Type, Order Type, Source Type, Material Origin, etc.). We also have the capability to identify potential cost savings and alternative sources as well as provide forecasting services and long term industrial sourcing strategies.