Full Service

MetalMiner℠ Benchmark Full-Service

MetalMiner℠ Benchmark provides a powerful way to benchmark industrial metal purchases: See how your metal spend compares to similar purchases made by others and analyze it for potential cost savings.

A free Self-Service account allows you to benchmark an individual metal price paid or price quote. (Try it yourself!)

For organizations that source a large volume of metals, or need more detailed market information, a Full-Service account may better fit your needs.

MetalMiner can cleanse and normalize your price data for you, upload it into the system and, depending on your requirements, deliver a detailed statistical analysis and tailored Metals Benchmarking Report (MBR).

Submit your full metals spend to MetalMiner for a complete assessment of the entire company or a division:

  1. You provide big picture data on your metals spend, company size and roll-up SKU-level data
  2. MetalMiner determines what % of your metals spend can be effectively benchmarked
  3. Securely provide your transactional metals spend data
  4. MetalMiner performs a data cleanse before submission to benchmark
  5. MetalMiner conducts a detailed, statistical analysis of your benchmarking results
  6. You receive clear and concise findings in a tailored Metals Benchmarking Report (MBR) on how your North American industrial metals spend stacks up against similar organizations

Get granular and benchmark your enterprise-wide industrial metal spend!

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